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Chicago electronic DJ and production duo Win and Woo make infectious, dance-oriented pop. Formed in 2014, Win and Woo feature the talents of producers Nicholas Winholt and Austin Woo. Early on, they garnered attention for tracks like their remix of Bryce Fox's "Burn Fast" and the Chainsmokers' "Don't Let Me Down." More well-received tracks followed, including remixes of songs by Phoebe Ryan, XYLØ, Louis the Child, and others. In 2016, they topped the Hype Machine charts and began releasing their own original tracks, including "Recognize," featuring Ashe, and "Your Girl" with Violet Days. Singles like "Gold," featuring Shaylen, and "Killer with a Smile," featuring Molly Moore, followed a year later. In 2018, Win and Woo returned with "In Love Again," "Chasing Tail," and "Every Feeling," with Ian Gott.