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Haywyre is a project that synthesizes the best of two musical genres, that of contemporary electronic, along with the more established traditions of classical and jazz. It has been building and maintaining momentum since its creator, Martin Vogt, returned to the U.S. from Austria in 2008.

Vogt's primary tool for composition is piano improvisation; it provides the foundation for his work and the core of his musical identity. Having spent endless hours in the studio - and upwards of fourteen years studying piano performance - Martin has honed his craft into the professional sound it is known for today, characterized by exciting, progressive tracks which are crafted with unique composition and seamless design.

In 2014, Martin made major leaps with his highly acclaimed Two Fold Pt.1 LP, followed subsequently by a modern rendition of 'Smooth Criminal' which immediately achieved viral popularity, and succeeded in astounding music critics across the board. Following up the success of his Michael Jackson rendition, Haywyre again astounded fans with his live performance video of 'Insight'; which was later featured on GoPro's coveted YouTube channel.

It hasn't just been critics and influencers who have been keeping an eye on Martin, but also some of the industry's biggest artists. With that spotlight, Haywyre has had the ability to go on tours in support of the likes of Gramatik, Griz, and Mat Zo in North America, as well as Asia with Zedd.

With 2016 in the rearview, Haywyre holds an exciting year on the horizon in 2017 after making strong impressions with Two Fold Pt.1 and Pt. 2, as well as playing across the globe in places such as Japan, South Korea, and India on top of a numerous jam packed North American tours.

Haywyre continues his mission to provide his listeners with music that not only presents variety and originality, but also carries the essence of a narrative. As one of Monstercat's most promising young talents, Haywyre is bound to impress the world with his instrumental dexterity and production capabilities.