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What most would call a short time in the music industry, is truly the culmination of a lifelong addiction to music. Zoe grew up in Charlotte, NC playing sports most of her life, while also learning to play the piano, clarinet, and flute. Zoe's passion lies in Electronic Dance Music. Ranging from the heavier side, such as; trap, dubstep, riddim, and other hip hop inspired remixes. To multiple forms of house music, such as; tech house, deep house, progressive house, techno. And all the way to open format for all different kinds of nightclubs. Headlining and opening up for major artists all across the southeast region of country, Zoe, having lived in Atlanta, GA for less than a year, has found herself quickly adapting and growing in the music industry and plans on doing nothing else but that. Regardless of what genre or format she is playing, you can guarantee an electrifying performance full of energy! Zoe is also working on her own production and plans to have an originally produced track by the end of year, along with many other projects in the making.

In a short amount of time DJ Zoe Gray has played at such notable events such as Barnstock Festival, and Breakaway Festival as well as the upcoming 5 year anniversary of Imagine Music Festival. She plays many venues from ATL to Charlotte and beyond such as IRIS(Learn to Believe), Odyssey After, The Music Room, Wildpitch, Label Nightclub, Neighborhood Theatre, and Clubone.